JCCRS Services

Roof Cleaning

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We clean away debris from all types of roof surfaces, with 3 different procedures depending on the roof specification and condition,
Manual moss removal
Soft Wash
Pressure Wash 

Completing with a top of the range biocide chemical product called Algoclear® Pro, this product helps eliminate and prevent surface contamination by bacteria, algae, lichen or moss growth.
AlgoClear® Pro is a non-aggressive high purity biocide suitable for cleaning roofs and walls.

A trained professional with specialised equipment is utilised to deliver it effectively and safely to the effected surface to be cleaned. It has been adapted to suit weather conditions prevailing in the British Isles and Ireland.

Driveways, Patios & Decking


Having all external areas cleaned every year keeps the property looking in great shape, and prevents extreme cases of natural growth or build ups from bad weather within the winter months.


Keep your property looking pristine,

• Driveways

• Patios

• Decking's

We will give all required surfaces a deep, high pressured clean, treat with a growth prevention product, leaving you with a great finish you want everyone to see.

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Windows & Doors

Man cleaning window using Window Cleanin


We also carry out window & door cleaning.

Clear windows, and clean framework visually improves the property from inside and out.

After carrying out a service you have requested, we may end the service with a window & door clean if we feel it is required, or requested by yourself, or if the work carried out around the property has effected the windows or doors and a clean is needed.

It is recommended to have your windows cleaned once every 4-6 weeks.

Wall Cleaning



Have the walls of your home fallen victim to moss growth, algae, lichen, general deterioration, dirt or debris?





We are skilled, experienced and fully equipped to deal with every wall in every state, there is no bad condition we can not undo, we will bring back any surface to its former self.

After we have removed all debris and thoroughly cleaned the external wall, we will apply a chemical base product that prevents growth from happening next time round for a longer period.

Having external walls effected by yearly natural occurrences that degrades the appearance is a daunting sight, get it cleaned today, and prevent it from happening for longer!

Brick wall before and after pressure was

Guttering, Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

Man cleaning and maintaining plastic gut

In the UK, we are faced with bad weather throughout the winter months, that makes such a mess of the outsides of each and everyone's properties.

Guttering systems get hammered by continuous down pours, and debris that have appeared on the roof washed down by the rain into the guttering.

Cause of badly maintained guttering systems can lead to damp and water damage to the property.

Regular gutter cleaning services will minimise and prevent all future property damages caused by poorly looked after guttering's.

We recommend a clean out every 6-10 weeks to experience full potential of a great working guttering system.

We clean, maintain & unblock complete guttering systems including downpipes,

We also clean the Fascia's & Soffits for a complete all round gutter cleaning service.

Get in touch today, and avoid the inevitable!



We apply a pre wash to the conservatory to begin breaking the bond between the conservatory and any contamination.


The cleaning process is less physical scrubbing, to avoid any markings.

We start from top to bottom, cleaning the finials, ridges, roof bars, roof panels and end caps before rinsing off completely.

Gutters and downpipes will be cleared of all debris and externally cleaned. This will also include any box guttering.

The final stage is to clean all glass and glazing, polish and apply protecting barriers, keeping your conservatory clean an protected for a longer period!

Conservatory cleaning in progress in the

Solar Panels

Cleaning solar panels on house roof - So

Solar panels may not be at full effect gathering energy if they are covered in dirt or debris.

Having solar panels cleaned on a yearly basis will help source natural energy more efficiently and consistently.

Get your solar panels cleaned today to bring your energy savings up!