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Here at JC Clean Roof Solutions

We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction and a promise to deliver the great quality of work to be expected, for your every individual need.

We clean away moss & debris from all types of roofs, with 3 different procedures depending on the roof specification and condition,
Manual moss removal
Soft Wash
Pressure Wash

Completing with a top of the range biocide chemical product called Algoclear® Pro, this product helps clean surfaces contaminated by bacteria, algae, lichen or moss growth whilst offering prevention from re-growth.

AlgoClear® Pro Softclean is a non-aggressive high purity biocide suitable for cleaning roofs and walls. A trained professional with specialised equipment is utilised to deliver it effectively and safely on the specific effected surface to be cleaned. It has been adapted to suit weather conditions prevailing in the British Isles and Ireland.

Why treat your roof?

Moss an algae growth naturally absorbs water, adding weight putting strain on the structure of your roof.
This water can freeze in the winter months causing undoubtingly frost damage.
We offer a roof transformation service that will improve the sight of your property and raise the value!
Algoclear® Pro biocide does not contain bleach or ammonia.


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About AlgoClear® Pro

AlgoClear® Pro is a proven Biocide to effectively remove discolouration and other natural growths from a wide variety of surfaces.

It is particularly popular for the cleaning of Tiled Roofs, Patios, Tarmac Driveways, Timber Walkways, Render and Artificial Lawns.

Active Ingredient: 40%w/w DDAC

(Quaternary Ammonium Chloride)

Key Points:

• Can be applied all year round.

• For use on all surfaces contaminated by bacteria, algae, lichen or moss growth.

• AlgoClear® Pro complies with all relevant legislation and is recognised by the HSE.

• A significant advantage of AlgoClear® Pro is its ability to remain fully effective when applied with hard water. With some competitor products such as Green Terminator or BAC50, the active ingredient binds readily with minerals in hard water significantly reducing its efficiency. The active (DDAC) in AlgoClear® Pro does not suffer from this and retains its full efficiency.


As we are skilled, experienced & correctly equipped, doing this on a daily basis, we highly recommend you leave it to the professionals, we make sure the job is done properly.

Equipped & Skilled

AlgoClear® Pro Softwash Delivery System - Dosing Equipment - Telescopic Lance - Spray Brush Head - Scraper Head.

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How Does It Work?

To start with, you need to contact us with your individual enquiry, from there we will gather information from you to get a brief estimation on how much your enquiry may cost, in most cases, we will need to visit the property to assess the workload, but that is not always the case, once we are happy with the correct estimation, and you have accepted our free no-obligation quote, we will arrange a start date to suit you.


In some cases we will require a 20% deposit of the overall cost quoted to secure the work to be carried out at a later date, the value of work dependant, once the deposit is paid or if the deposit is not required, and the day agreed has arrived, we will be there to carry out the work that was quoted, baring in mind, life can go on as usual when we are at the property carrying out our services for you, as we are a non-disruptive service.


A qualified, experienced & skilled employee will arrive on-site with all the required professional equipment, making sure the work we carry out will be safe to do so, preparations will begin.


 Firstly we will clear the tiles of all moss & debris. When all is removed and the roof is clean we make sure all gutters & downpipes are clear, we then proceed to apply a biocide solution AlgoClear® Pro to eliminate any remaining moss spores, algae and lichens.


Over the next couple of months, the roof will visually improve in appearance as the suns natural UV rays will cleanse the roof, and any downpour will wash the roof clean continuously.


Now you have a cleared, cleaned & treated roof, it doesn't stop there.


You will continue to see gradual further appearance improvements throughout the next 6 months and full results by 6 months later.

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If your properties roof is suffering from algae, lichen or moss growth, please call us today for a free no obligation quote, a clean roof means a better looking home, and minimises future roofing issues.

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Customer Viewing Points

Have you got a business? a run down roof of a commercial property may cause you issues in many ways, its a place of work, a place for the customers & clients.

Industrial Building


Keep Your Business Tiptop

In the UK, so many industrial buildings are victim to roofing issues because they are left as not seen, do not chance down time, get in touch today, keep the workplace clean, open & safe.

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